Payment checkout

Guarantee your chances of getting paid faster

Accept payments from your customers in many ways with a simple Redbiller Checkout.

More than one secure way to make payments

Customers love it when they have multiple payment methods to choose from. They'll see you as reliable and ready for business.

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Bank transfer
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Mobile money (coming soon)

See how it works

See how to accept payments via the Redbiller Checkout with a live transaction. Please note that your bank account will be debited.

We request your name and email address to help us know who and where to send your receipt to.

We've handed control over to you

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Define your own colors
We give you the ability to use colors that blend with your website, giving your customers a stronger affirmation that they're truly making payments to you.
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Enable your preferred payment methods
Everyone has a choice, and so do you. Understand what payments method(s) your customers use often and give it to them on a platter of gold.
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Use on multiple websites
Use the same Checkout on multiple websites with different colors and payment methods. Your customers will hardly spot the difference.

We do the hard stuff and make them simple

We try to hide complexity from you. What should ordinarily take you weeks or months integrating, would only take you minutes on Redbiller.


We integrate directly with tech-driven banks

Being partners to the banks guarantees service reliability and delivery, coupled with awesome rates that you'll hardly find anywhere else.