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Capped at NGN 1,000
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    No hidden charges
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    Zero integration fee
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    Zero maintenance cost

Your customer pays


We'll settle you
NGN 99,900
NGN 100 charge
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    Instant settlement
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    Volume discounts available Contact Sales
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    Charges are capped at NGN 1,000
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Use the calculator to see exactly how much will be settled to you when your customers pay you.


NGN 5,000 and below
NGN 10
NGN 5,001 - NGN 50,000
NGN 25
NGN 50,001 and above
NGN 50
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Would you prefer fixed pricings instead?

When pricings are fixed, you get to know exactly what you pay on every transaction, which helps you to plan better for the future. Besides, balancing your books gets easier!


Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated a few most frequently asked questions from merchants. Contact Sales if yours perhaps isn't included.

How much does it cost to integrate Redbiller?

Integration is free and always will be.

How soon do I get settled?

Settlements are posted to your Nigerian bank account upon verification.

Who bears the service charge for collections?

By default, Redbiller charges the merchants. However, we'll always attach our service charge to details when notifying you of every payment you receive.

Can my company request a custom pricing?

Yes, such provision is available. It is, however, subject to some factors. Please contact Sales to learn more.

Can I see my wallet statements at a glance?

Yes, either from your account or through an API call.

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