Welcome to Q4
Red Stories
Jan 10th 2023

Welcome to Q4

Esther O.
Esther O.

It’s the last quarter of the year and just the time you should start preparing to close for the year. Except, of course, your business is festive season sensitive. 

The last three months of the year afford you enough time to take a quick look back at your plan for the year and intensify efforts in areas where you are yet to hit a milestone or meet your target. It is also a time that comes with the "achievement pressure", especially when you still have a lot of things undone and are just three months out. 

Well, my first advice to you would be to stay calm. You will need it to get through your to-do list at this time. Another thing with the fourth quarter is that it comes with additional tasks/goals for you to meet before this year runs out. This is usually due to the changes in the market since you made your plans in January. My advice at this stage is only to do what your schedule can accommodate. New and bigger projects can always wait till next year. 

Yes, don't feel guilty about pushing it to the new year. Because in overloading the current plan, you can end up not reaching any new milestone at all.

I consider Q4 a delicate quarter because it is the quarter when you should be assessing results and filling up areas that need final touches. And any miscalculation could send the whole year’s work crashing down. So here are a few tips I believe you would find helpful.

  1. Stick to the schedule -less spontaneity means you will finish tasks and hit milestones in record time.
  2. Reprioritize -which is most important before the year runs out? What can move to the following year with little or no consequences?
  3.  Plan for auto-pilot -prepare the business to run with less supervision/interference so employees can get enough time off to enjoy the festivities without the business suffering.
  4. Run security checks -fraud is usually at an all-time high during the festive period. Make sure you are not vulnerable.
  5. Continue marketing efforts -continue reminding customers that you are around and ready to serve them.


For many businesses, transactions tend to increase in Q4. And because of the payment surge, there can be a lot of ups and down with the network. We want to remind you that our high-traffic resistant APIs are ever-ready for this kind of pressure. 

As you prepare to take on the demands of the season, you can rest knowing that Redbiller has your back with seamless payments and hands-on support all the way. Remember, it doesn’t end here.

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