The Final Answer to Downtime -Redbiller’s AVS
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Sep 19th 2022

The Final Answer to Downtime -Redbiller’s AVS

Esther O.
Esther O.

Downtime is a well-known enemy in the finance industry. Every provider deals with downtime one day or the next. And the worst part is that most times, you can neither foresee nor prevent it. 

Because the economy runs on money, not just the financial space but every other business which depends on financial transactions suffers. But then, which business doesn't involve financial transactions? 

If a company/provider has downtime, then all their business customers experience downtime too, and their transactions have to be put on hold till the service is back up. This, of course, usually results in a loss for the business.

At Redbiller, we took a careful look at this challenge, what it does to our customers who lose thousands and millions by the second and what we can do for them. The result of this is the Redbiller AVS, which I like to describe as the final answer to downtime. 

What is the AVS?

The AVS, which means Automatic Version Switch is a feature that automatically switches you to an active version when the current version used in processing your transaction is having a downtime. And the gift is in the name “Automatic”; you don't have to know or even do anything. Once the switch is enabled on your account, it automatically switches you to an available version. 

And that's not all; the AVS also switches you back when your current version comes back up. Awesome right? Well, that’s the idea.

While downtime is inevitable, we have created a system that helps you bypass it. With the AVS, your business is never getting interrupted by downtime. Whether you are a retail business or a service provider yourself, uninterrupted service is what you can boldly promise your customers, knowing that Redbiller has your back. 

In conclusion...

We are constantly working to improve the AVS and all other features on Redbiller to guarantee the best experience always. When we said It doesn’t end here, we meant it.

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