Seven Best Ways To Resolve Disputes
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Aug 1 2022

Seven Best Ways To Resolve Disputes

Esther O.
Esther O.

As we go about day-to-day operations and value exchanges with our customers, disputes will inevitably arise. Of course, I do not mean disputes must arise a norm or a frequency of 1 in every 3 transactions. My point is that things will not always turn out as planned, and could result in a misunderstanding, a delay, wrong value dispensation, failed transaction, and any other thing we can call a dispute. 

While the cause of a dispute will not always originate from you or be a direct result of your action, you have the responsibility of ensuring your customers have a continued great experience with your business. You have to cater to their needs beyond just selling your product. You have to walk them through how to effectively use your products and services, offer assurances on pain points, resolve their disputes or put them on the path to resolution as the case may be. Now, here are seven easy ways you can do that.

  • Have a dedicated customer support system/department
  • Create a product or platform navigation guide 
  • Create a self-help system 
  • Create dedicated channels for Key accounts 
  • Continuously train your staff and keep them updated on best practices 
  • Fix it -fix whatever it is that keeps resulting in disputes 
  • Always follow up after a major dispute is resolved

In the end, preventing or minimising disputes remains a better option when dealing with customers. Having too many disputes to resolve takes away productive time and influences customers’ perception of your business as problematic. It affects the overall customer experience and steals the time for other productive endeavours.

If you have had to reach out to us for any dispute at all, you would agree that the things listed above are true of our customer support structure here at Redbiller. So you can consider this a tested recommendation. 

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