Safer Transactions with Jockey
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Jan 29th 2021

Safer Transactions with Jockey

Esther O.
Esther O.

In our efforts to make the Internet a safer place to send and receive payments, we are pleased to announce the launch of Jockey.

Jockey is a Secure Payment Firewall (SPF) that allows your customers to link their Nigerian bank accounts to a single Jockey account number. It Eliminates all forms of chargeback and fraud claims.


With Jockey, the sources of incoming payments to your Redbiller Corporate Virtual Bank Account are first verified, before notifying you via your callback URL, making it 100% safe for you to give value to your customers. 

It means that only the owner of a bank account linked to Jockey can expect value when they pay you. However, if verification fails, funds will still be settled in your Redbiller wallet. But the payment notification will not be sent to your callback.

Why you should use Jockey

With Jockey, you would not need to create Virtual Bank Accounts for each of your customers when we finally launch virtual banking services for Zenith Bank, Sterling Bank, and Guaranty Trust Bank in Q4.


There really couldn't be a better time to launch Jockey other than now. Most especially as chargebacks and fraud claims are what merchants of some payment gateways are currently experiencing. And sadly, lots of time and money are being lost in the process.


We have released Transaction Retry APIs to enable you conveniently retry a transaction if it fails, while also saving you the time it would take you to locate and re-initiate the transaction again. 


Please note that for your safety, transactions can only be retried once within 24 hours of initiation, after which its status will be updated to "Retried" to prevent you from retrying it again.


One More Thing

Our API responses have also been updated, to better help you resolve disputes. Kindly refer to our API documentation to learn more.

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