Redbiller's Workforce -a better way to accept payments
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Jan 10th 2023

Redbiller's Workforce -a better way to accept payments

Esther O.
Esther O.

I was at the supermarket to get a few things the other day and opted to pay via transfer. First, I had to convince them I was willing to wait for the payment to be confirmed, which I did not have a problem with until it was time to do the waiting. 

The person attending to me had to call someone, probably the manager who had access to the account, to confirm the payment. Of course, the calling to inform and waiting for confirmation took quite a while. I just stood there praying it would be over soon. Needless to say, it was an unpleasant experience. And as if to offer me some sort of comfort, the lady said, this is why we don't encourage payment via transfer. 

Bank transfer is one of the most convenient payment options, so why should it not be an available payment option? Customers are even likely to purchase more when transferring because there is no cash constraint. That supermarket had a simple problem -payment confirmation, and they are not the only business with this problem. 

For customers like me who rarely goes around with cash, that is a major inconvenience. As a business, you should be able to offer your customers enough options for them to choose their preferred method. And payment confirmation should not be a problem, especially for bank transfers.

While it is not safe to give multiple staff access to your account to confirm payments, it is also a disadvantage to rule out payment transfers from customers. It could make you lose out on sales with customers that have no patience to wait for confirmation. Even if they do wait, they will get tired of having to wait all the time. Now that is where Workforce comes in. 

What can Workforce do for you?

Workforce is a product of Redbiller -more like an extension of your Redbiller account. It is a collaborative platform where you can give controlled access to your staff to initiate, accept, and confirm payments on behalf of your business.

What this means is that your staff will be able to instantly confirm payments made to the business account and will also be able to investigate and resolve payment disputes from their Workspace.

Workforce has a unique feature called a Workspace. Workspaces are like digital offices or checkouts for your staff. You can create as many Workspaces as you need and assign and unassign your workers to them. 

Each Workspace has a unique ID with which you can monitor the transactions and activity of each Workspace from your dashboard. You can also control what a Workspace can do and see from your dashboard. And when an employee no longer works with you, you can unassign them from the Workspace and assign a new employee.

If that supermarket uses Redbiller's Workforce, here is the experience I would have had with them. The person at the checkout would have been able to confirm my payment immediately, and I would not have had to wait for even a minute. Payment notifications, of course, are instant.


Workforce is a product of Rebiller and doesn’t require you to sign up as long as you are on Redbiller. It is a Rebiller extension which means you can do everything you can do on your Redbiller dashboard. The catch is that it allows you to create Workspaces and give controlled access.

Click here to learn more -Introducing Workforce

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