Redbiller For You -3 perks of using Redbiller
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Feb 8th 2022

Redbiller For You -3 perks of using Redbiller

Esther O.
Esther O.

Basically, what we do at Redbiller is Payments. And we are well aware we are not the only company in the payment space. So I would like to start by saying thank you for choosing Redbiller. Thank you for always choosing us.

However, it doesn’t end at Collections and Payouts because we understand that our customers need more than that to function effectively. Some of these Value-added services I am sure have been instrumental in your continued choice of Redbiller.

As a customer at Redbiller, one of the things you would come to realise, if you haven’t already, is that we are customer-centred with our products and in their delivery. We care about how our products boost your business operations and brand image. Beyond collections and payouts, we are always looking at what else you can get out of Redbiller. What else you can do with Redbiller, and how better you can get with Redbiller.

Today I have decided to highlight three of those things you stand to enjoy as a customer of Redbiller. And this is not bribing you to stay. It is being responsible as a company trusted with an important aspect of your business -payments. We are always looking out for ways to reward you for choosing us by looking at your every need and responding with a feature or service that advances your business.

Pricing: we offer a fair and transparent pricing system that is available for all to see on the dashboard. There are no hidden or accumulated charges on transactions. You can always be sure of how much you are expecting and how much you will be charged for transactions where charges apply.

However, we have a provision for customers to request custom pricing that suits their business type. We understand that every business is not the same, and we are equally committed to every business that has trusted us as their payment partner.

High-traffic-resistant APIs: millions of transactions happen by the second, and it is not fair that your business should have to pick a number and wait for its turn to perform transactions. How do you even explain that to your customers?

Our high-traffic-resistant API ensures that as many transactions as processed go through in real-time. You can confidently process your numerous transactions, knowing it won’t be a problem for our system to handle. The execution of requests for one merchant doesn't stop your requests from being processed i.e. Merchant A’s request doesn’t stop Marchant B’s request from being processed

Auto confirmation log system: there are times when a transaction might be unsuccessful due to a few issues on the receiving end. These transactions appear as Pending. The ACLS checks and reports to you the status of Pending transactions at intervals. You can also set the ACLS to retry cancelled transactions. That is the weight of monitoring and multiple retrials lifted off your shoulder.


Our mantra is that It doesn’t end here. And I am sure you can see that what we offer doesn’t end with collections and payouts. We give value, and with every new feature, we give you a reason to keep choosing us. Redbiller is for you.

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