Marketing Tips To Boost Your Sales in Q2
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Mar 22nd 2022

Marketing Tips To Boost Your Sales in Q2

Esther O.
Esther O.

Q1 is gradually approaching its end, and it is a great time to evaluate how the business has been doing so far this year. It’s only been three months, so it is expected that this evaluation should usher you into the next phase of all you have planned for the year. It helps to break down the execution of your plan for the year into quarters so you can have a structured quarterly review.


Here at Rebiller, we are wrapping up our Q1 with the successful launch of Workforce. Workforce is a controlled environment where your staff can manage your business on your behalf, offer support to customers and collaborate. This product launch has already outlined a few priorities for us in Q2, part of which is marketing.


However, Product launch or not, we believe that Q2 is an ideal time to intensify marketing efforts to boost sales and create more brand awareness. The relative stability of Q2 offers a higher success rate for brand awareness which, of course, has a direct impact on sales, either immediately or eventually.


As you plan for marketing in Q2, here are five things we are convinced will be of help.


Outdoor advertising

The good old outdoor advertising tops the list. It remains quite effective in creating awareness and boosting sales. There is a long list of outdoor advertising such as billboards, flyers, posters, and digital screens to choose from. As people go about their daily activities, your business is there in their face.


Social Media Engagement

It does not necessarily have to involve advertising your products and services, but just engaging content and people across social media platforms helps create awareness subtly. Your name is registered in their mind, your products and services become known to them. Social media engagement also drives traffic to your site.


Search Engine Optimization

Update your website regularly with content that will boost its SEO ranking. Many people have formed the habit of just searching for whatever they need on the internet, and they rely on the search engine’s recommendation. Position your business for discovery.


Customer experience

Even if your customers are not complaining, there is always something that can improve in how they interact with and experience your business. Continuous great experience over time leads to customer loyalty. And loyalty births Word-of-mouth marketing.


Sponsorship and Promotion

Sponsoring an event or a show gives positive exposure to your brand. Entertainment shows that usually have large participation and viewerships are highly recommended. However, you should also consider an event or show that connects with your brand story or image, appeals to your target customers and has a low probability of backlash. People love freebies and discounts, so running a promotion is one way to get the word out and drive sales up.



Marketing is an all-year-round affair, so these tips are not specific to Q2. Whichever time of the year suits your business type, you will surely find these tips helpful.

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