Marketing: why you should understand the differences between generations
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Jan 31st 2024

Marketing: why you should understand the differences between generations

Esther O.
Esther O.

There is no better way to start this article than by first giving credit to whom credit is due -The amazing Gen Z!

Yes, for the PR they have given to generational differences. Being the first digital natives, they delivered well on calling the attention of everyone to generational differences and their importance. 

Every generation is unique in experiences and outcomes. But even in cases of similar experience, outcomes are still different for each generation because of factors like changing markets, technology, government policies, and scientific advancement.

The tech explosion that surrounds the early years of most Gen Zers is responsible for what we can call a great shift in generational patterns. There is no continuity between Millennials and Gen Z, as used to be the case in generational shifts. But this post is not about Gen Z. Rather, it is about the importance of these differences in marketing.

In marketing, we see that purchasing decisions, comprehension and attention span are all influenced by generations. And no, this is not implying a zombie-like response from a person just because they were born and grew up at a particular time. It is that they have similar experiences, hence, similar conclusions.

Why is it important?

Because they differ, communication with each of these generations has to be unique. Content that will convert a Millennial might not make sense to a Gen Zer. A reference in an Ad might not make sense to a Baby boomer, but a Gen Zer knows it is referring to a Taylor Swift concert. 

So, what is the first thing to do when you understand the generation that makes up your target customers -you understudy the uniqueness of this generation and how to communicate with them.

For the product -what about that product appeals to them the most, and in what way should you say it? For values, Gen Zers are more concerned about the values a company holds and even base their purchasing decision on it.

Differences also matter when selecting the appropriate medium to reach a generation. You can reach Gen Z on social media especially using influencers, but you better contact a newspaper company alongside some magazine publishers if you are looking to reach Gen X. 

For Millennials, a mix of radio, TV, blogs and social media platforms will do a good job. It is not that these mediums are exclusive to these generations; it is just where they engage and interact more.

In conclusion

Our differences are beautiful, but in marketing, our differences are a tool to leverage. Don't just know the generation that acts funny in the workplace, study their uniqueness and how it should guide your marketing efforts for improved results.

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