Improving Customer Experience
Red Stories
Aug 5th 2022

Improving Customer Experience

Esther O.
Esther O.

Customers are a vital part of success, which makes it wise to keep them at the centre of your business decisions. Part of these decisions is ensuring they have a great experience interacting with your business. And the direct result is that you retain customers while acquiring even more customers.

This week, Linda, our Customer Success Officer, shares with us six tips that have worked well for her in offering support to customers. I am sure you will find these tips relevant and adoptable in your business. Here we go:

One size doesn’t fit all: every customer is unique, and so is their need. Their operations, approach and goals are different. Linda says the first thing she does is to get to know a customer, and she does that for every customer she interacts with. That way, she can offer tailored support to them.

Resolve disputes ASAP: don’t keep them piling up because they are minor or not pressing; resolve them. Firstly, the reputation of efficient support always looks good on the business. She also says whenever you give customers a time to check back or when it will be resolved, keep to that time. It helps to build trust. According to Linda, 'customers are a priority, don't keep them waiting.'

Communicate your progress: nothing hurts people like silence, especially when it is interpreted as being ignored. As you work on a customer's issue, keep them updated on the status till it is resolved. Linda says this helps customers be more patient with you and even appreciate your support. 

Be patient and empathetic: it could be a small problem, but at that moment, it could mean a lot to them. The integrity of their business could be hanging. This is why empathy is vital in dispute resolution. For Linda, getting to know each customer naturally builds empathy for that customer. Patience is also indispensable as they won't always be in the best mood when they reach out. 

Always get feedback: Linda says she has always made it a point to get feedback after a dispute is resolved. It helps her understand how to approach the customers next time, and it also helps her improve her overall support. In her words ‘always note feedback even when they don't seem relevant at the moment.'

Be appreciative: being appreciative gives a sense of importance to your customers, and that is exactly how to want them to feel. Let them know they are valued and appreciated as your customers. Linda says it also helps them become more receptive and welcoming. 

In conclusion...

Linda says she is always learning as dealing with customers is complex; humans are complex. But being open-minded and always willing to learn helps greatly. 

We do hope you find these tips helpful. And, by the way, you are valued here at Redbiller.

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