How to Sell Like Crazy
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Jan 28th 2022

How to Sell Like Crazy


There is actually a book with the title Sell Like Crazy. Well, this has nothing to do with that book. But it does have everything to do with increasing your sales. It is expected of every business to go all out to generate sales. If you are not making sales, what are you really doing?


But it doesn’t end at just making sales. You also have to generate enough sales. And there is nothing like excessive sales, it’s called success. To build a successful business, you have to go from making enough sales to making crazy sales. Now here are a few tips to help you with that.


Create a sales plan

Everything in business starts with a plan. Planning helps measure results and stay on track -so the first thing is to create a sales plan. This stage will take you through the question, where are we right now, and where do we want to be? What numbers are we recording right now, and what numbers do we want to be recording? This plan provides a clear starting point for the race of increasing your sales.


Review your sales strategy

The world of business is fast-paced. And that means what worked yesterday might become ineffective today. As market trends and consumer demands evolve, your sales strategy should evolve too. Do not wait till there is a major change before reviewing your strategy. Periodically review your sales strategy to accommodate emerging market trends.


Educate people

Educating people serves two primary purposes for you. It informs them about what your product and services do for them or what they can do with it. The second is that it encourages them to buy. It also contributes to a great customer experience and helps you build a relationship with your clients.


Acquire new customers

While customer loyalty is the goal, you also have to keep acquiring new customers. You need new customers to keep expanding your customer base and increase sales. It is not customer acquisition or customer loyalty, it is both.



Competitors mean your customers have more than one option when considering a product or service. Innovation is the surest way to stand out from competitors. And it doesn't have to be something big. Just a little extra can set you as the preferred choice of consumers.


Utilize Social media

People spend a lot of time on social media. And much of what they interact with makes it into their everyday decision making and physical interaction. Connecting with your customers on social media makes your business feels closer to them. Customers are more likely to transact with a brand they connect with emotionally.


Notice how none of these steps involves you forcing your products and services down the throat of people. That is because sales don’t happen by force. Sales is pretty simple when you have the basics right.

P.s. The book Sell Like Crazy has great reviews, so you should probably check it out. Reading is an essential ingredient for business success.

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