How to Engage Inactive Customers
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Jan 10th 2023

How to Engage Inactive Customers


Every organisation will tell you that userbase doesn't exactly translate to paying customers. You can have thousands of users, with only a handful as paying customers. As a business, you don't just need the numbers; you need them to turn in profit for your business. 

Inactive customers are in different categories; while some have never actually patronised you, some might have been active customers. Some might even be inactive because they don't need your product or are still undecided.

The advantage is that you already have them; you only need to get them active. And trust me, this is way cheaper than acquiring new customers. If you have this problem, here are nine quick things to engage inactive customers. 

  1. Welcome-back offers
  2. Regular updates of new features and product releases 
  3. Pricing reviews and discounts 
  4. Reminders to complete registration, update profile or complete verification
  5. Reminders of previous milestones
  6. Regular updates on growth and expansion 
  7. Acknowledging birthdays
  8. Celebrating holidays and international days
  9. Special sales for festive periods

While engaging customers is continuous, setting aside a particular time yearly, quarterly or monthly to check out who has been inactive and following up with them goes a long way. However, one must accept that not everyone will come back. You can go all out, and they still won't come back.

Finally, engaging customers should also be a part of the marketing plan for each year, not an afterthought. It is as important as acquisition and an essential ingredient/step in achieving customer loyalty.

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