Here for a Better Experience
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Mar 15th 2023

Here for a Better Experience


Apps are one of the best things to come of software development. From the personalised experience to the navigation, almost everyone would pick an app over the web version any day. 

However, those are just two of the reasons you should use the Redbiller app. In developing the app, the question that inspired the design is what our customers need most and what they find most challenging. And we are proud to say everything about the app answers these questions. From setting up to managing your account from the comfort of your phone, you will agree payment has never been easier. 

One of the features that you would find particularly interesting is the POS feature. On the Redbiller app, you can monitor all POS devices linked to your Redbiller account. You will see all transactions conducted on the POS and still get an email notification of these transactions. But that is not all. With the Redbiller app, you can also:

  1. Initiate payouts 
  2. Pay your bills and fund betting wallets
  3. Access your account statement at a go
  4. Download receipts
  5. Recharge directly or generate airtime PINs 
  6. Look up your all transaction history 

The app has everything you can do on the web version but with a better experience. And, of course, you get all the discounts available on the Web version. 

If you use an Android device, click the button below or search for Redbiller on Google Playstore to download your app and start transacting.

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