Here at Redbiller - our core values and how they affect you
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Jul 1 2021

Here at Redbiller - our core values and how they affect you

Esther O.
Esther O.

The internet remains a volatile place for businesses even years after being established as a medium for commerce. Thankfully, many innovations have come up to address the many concerns about the online marketplace. The Fintech industry largely came up as a response to online business demands. However, with each level of development came a new concern and request.

First, it was how do we pay? Then the concern became how do we pay faster? And then it became how do we pay safely? 

Yes, consumers are open to shopping conveniently from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are. But when the risk of having their account hacked and losing their money is involved, it becomes a wiser option to buy physically. Consequently, the responsibility falls on the business to offer safe payment options for customers. And this is advantageous for companies. Consumers are likely to buy more and at a higher price when buying online. 

In developing our products and services, we took time to understand these concerns and made them the core of our designs. Our mantra is Redbiller is making the internet a safer place for businesses of all sizes to innovate and expand. And it is not just a string of words to appear Cool. It is a representation of our hearts. Our "why we do what we do."

As a company, we have the general concern every business has. We know where the shoe hurts because we have our footwear on too. And that is why nothing will delight us more than being trusted by your business with the responsibility of handling your settlements, collections, payouts, customer identity verification, and bill payments.

But to help you understand what we stand for, I have decided to explore our Core values and what they mean for you, our esteemed clients. Our core values are what we will always pick above profit. They are the reason you should trust us to continuously offer you the best, a best that is free of the profit-crazy drive. 


As earlier discussed, safe and secure payments remain a principal concern for businesses and consumers. We believe that everyone and every business should be able to transact from the comfort of wherever they are without risking losing their money or private information online. It is a pleasure to be able to ensure this through our products. 


We are solution-driven. We believe that there is a better way, there is a faster way, and there is a safer way. Even with your needs adequately met by the current products, we are still improving our products and introducing better ways. The world is fast-paced, and we are committed to ensuring you do not get left behind. 

Following the general downtime in the Fintech space in January-February, we have partnered with even more banks to ensure that downtime from any of our banking partners would not affect the smooth running of your business. One cannot go wrong with so many options available. We’ve got you covered.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well. It is motivational jargon to some, but it is a culture for us. It is not just about pushing products out to appear competitive or to drown you with our products. We are particular about sustainability and durability. Products that will stand the test. When we set out to do it, we set out to do it well.

Time Conscious 

This might seem like a joke to be a core value. But it is truly at the root of our services. We believe in being ahead of time. And the way to do that is to be as fast as possible and as early as possible - faster collections, faster confirmations, faster payouts, faster verification. There is absolutely no time to waste time, not to mention the stress that comes with it.

These are not just some good-looking words carefully thought to impress you. It is, instead, a reflection of who we are, individually and as a team, and what guides our results. Here at Redbiller, we mean well, and we would have you see it no other way. On making the internet a safer place for businesses of all sizes to innovate and expand, we understand the assignment.

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