Fintech For You - choosing the right provider
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Jun 2nd 2021

Fintech For You - choosing the right provider


The Fintech industry is no longer just a backend industry that makes our lives easier without directly interacting with it. It has become an essential industry for seamless daily financial activities - personal and business activities. With the diversification of the industry, people are learning to rely on its timely services to expand their businesses. The pressing question is no longer to use fintech or not, but what provider to use. 


We all need fintech services

Every business with a view of expanding and having an established online presence needs a PSP. Online quick loans companies have continued to save lives with their no-collateral loans, disbursed within 24hrs. Also, saving has become more effortless with automated savings platforms that help build good saving habits. Some of these companies now offer investment opportunities for their users as an alternative to Piggybank savings. Stock and Securities trading has never been easier with investments platforms granting access to the market from your phone, even the international stock market. 

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And because it is about money - personal and business money, it is not enough that we pick them for their exquisite brand colours and beautiful receptionist. A little research on what they have to offer and their track record of excellence should top your list. Here are other things to consider in your choice of a provider.


Here you ask yourself - What do I need? There are many fintech companies, and more are still coming up. Of course, they all do not offer the same services. Some offer varieties and some focus on a particular service (with different features). Knowing what you need helps narrow down your search. It brings you a step closer to choosing a provider.


How and with what are the services offered? Features attend to your specific needs. It also determines time and ease. There are good services, but with complex and terrible navigations. Take time to look at their features, how they suit your needs, and how you can work with them. It is also good to compare features with that of other platforms/companies. A company might offer a service but not with features that ensure the smooth running of your type of business.


Like I said earlier, it involves money. Consider how secure these platforms are. Find out what measures they have in place to keep out hackers and fight attacks, and if the safeguards are up-to-date. While no company will not paint itself bad, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research to corroborate their story.

Redbiller’s mission is to make the internet a safer place for businesses of all sizes to innovate and expand. All our services, by design, ensure this for our customers. It is not just a good sales line, it is a commitment, and our products and their features bear witness.


A brand’s choice of colours and design says a lot about the brand and its values. Although easily dismissed as a mere marketing strategy, it is relevant that we at least pay attention to what this seemingly unimportant thing speaks about this company.

Redbiller understands this for every business. And in a bid to help maintain a constant identity, its checkout has customization features that allow you to customize the checkout to reflect your brand colours. It seems minor and inconsequential. But to us, everything matters, little or big. 

Reputation and Reviews 

Sometimes a google search could quickly fix this for you. Other times, it might require a little extra research, especially if it is a backend company - a B2B. I can assure you this is worth the time it demands. If you are going to trust them with your personal or business money, then make sure they deserve that trust. Consider what other customers are saying and let it guide your choice.  

Customer support

Disputes will arise in time as we interact with products. And it is not necessarily a result of the company's inefficiency. It could be you forgetting your password. It might not even be a dispute, maybe feedback on service. You should consider their approach to customers and accessibility. You honestly don't want to spend a week with your money stuck or unable to access a service because their customer support service is terrible. Pick a company that is available to listen to you at any time.

All these qualities are what we embody at Redbiller. We like to consider ourselves as the customer and build our products to suit their unique needs. Our customer support is always active, and we have a clean slate in dispute resolution. Because we are all about safety, we can be trusted, which is one of your greatest needs. Some of our products have been from customers' feedback with which we swung into immediate actions. Every client, every business, matters to us. And we do not refrain from showing it through offering top-notch services and features.

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