Cardless withdrawal - safer withdrawals with Redbiller
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Feb 25th 2021

Cardless withdrawal - safer withdrawals with Redbiller


ATM cards seem like the perfect invention to deal with fraud, get your money whenever you need it, and even better, from wherever you need it. It was a timely invention you will agree with me. It holds what seems like an almost inexhaustible list of advantages. But is it that safe?

Ever since the invention of ATM and ATM cards, fraudsters have come up with new methods of defrauding people by accessing their accounts and getting money from them. Yes, a PIN is required at the point of withdrawal, but that does not entirely eradicate the risks. Just by knowing the numbers written on your card, the scammer can gain access to your money and make online payments with your card.

On the other hand, what happens when leaving home without your card or your card is missing. That is back to the withdrawal slip and spending time at the bank just for something that shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. Another scenario is that you are busy in the Store or at work, you urgently need cash but you cannot go to the ATM yourself. The simple solution is to send someone, right? 

But when you look at it again, you will have to rule out that option as convenient it may seem at the moment, and why is this? Because it exposes you. Your PIN is compromised, you're not the only one who knows your PIN, that person can legitimately access your money. And you have to be more careful when it is your business' money. 

That is where cardless withdrawal comes in. Yes, you can make a withdrawal from the ATM without your card. Don't throw out your ATM card yet, it can come in handy sometimes. What I am saying is, you don't have to use it. You don't have to be open to those risks. Even when you cannot go to the ATM to get the cash yourself, your PIN does not have to be compromised. 

Redbiller makes this process as seamless for you as it can get, while giving you a 100% security guarantee. You can make a cardless withdrawal directly from your Redbiller wallet in 5 easy steps: 

Step 1: go to the payouts section on your Redbiller account dashboard and click on the Plus icon to display the transaction options. Select cardless withdrawal from the displayed options.

Step 2: fill in the transaction details accordingly. You have the option of making a POS cardless withdrawal or an ATM cardless withdrawal. The minimum amount is 1000 naira. Enter the number of minutes within which you want the code to be active. If within this time the code is not used, it will become inactive. And you would have to generate another code to make the withdrawal.

Enter the ATM authorization PIN. This number will serve as your PIN when making the withdrawal from the POS or ATM. You get to decide this pin, enter any 4numbers combination of your choice. This PIN is not your ATM card PIN or wallet PIN. It is only for that transaction. 

Step 3: generate Paycode. To get the Paycode, you have to input your wallet PIN. This PIN is not your account login password. It is a PIN that locks your wallet. Even if someone by any chance can access your account, that person cannot authorize a cardless withdrawal or make a transfer without your wallet PIN.

Step 4: go to the nearest ATM or POS stand. Most ATM indicates which key to press to start a cardless withdrawal. Enter your Paycode, enter the ATM authorization PIN. The Paycode already contains the amount. You don't have to enter the amount on the ATM or POS again. In a case where you sent some to get the money on your behalf, the person cannot change the amount and pocket your money. 

Step 5: oh! the process ended at step 4. You should have your money now. It's that easy and fast.

At each step, you will notice the safety assurance built into the process. That is because, at Redbiller, we are intentional about keeping you from exposure to fraud. Every little thing matters to us, and we have you at heart in structuring our services. You can confidently send out someone to help you pick up cash from the ATM without having to worry about your Card PIN being compromised, or the possibility of them taking your money. 


How about trying out the cardless withdrawal today? Needless to say, it is safe, fast and convenient. Also, it saves you the weight of the card.   

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