Becoming a Global Brand with Waverlite
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Sep 23rd 2022

Becoming a Global Brand with Waverlite


In light of recent innovations, setting up your business to be accessed globally is the easiest part of going international and having international clients. However, two crucial factors have to be settled to run smoothly. The first is Payments. 

How will you receive payment from your international clients, considering that they cannot simply initiate a transfer from their GT bank app to your First bank account? And they probably use a different currency. 

Though it is not impossible to receive payments from another country or even send money there, the question is, is it easy, seamless and fast? Is it reliable and affordable? 

The equally crucial second factor is Logistics. How do you send value to your customers? But this is not even applicable to all businesses. However, all businesses have the general concern of getting paid. And this payment part is where we come in with Waverlite.

Waverlite is the final answer to all your international payment needs and concerns. Waverlite is a digital payment platform that allows you to send and receive money from over 50 countries instantly. Yes, you get credited immediately!

We understand time is of the essence. And that is why we eliminate the possibility of customers getting agitated by the long waiting time to confirm payment.

The Solutions

  • P2P: receive money internationally from fellow Waverlite users 
  • Email Transfer: receive money in your email
  • Direct Deposit: receive money directly in your bank account or mobile money wallets


Waverlite is built to give you the best of everything -the best rates plus the best experience. So whether you are paying your supplier in China or receiving money from your customer in Canada, Waverlite is your go-to platform for instant international payments. 

We are here!

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