August 2020 Feature Update
Product Releases
Jan 29th 2021

August 2020 Feature Update


As a people-centred organisation, we hold every aspect of human development to be of great value, and we fully support businesses that respond to the needs of human development through the services and products they offer. This is reflected in the new feature we have added to the platform.

We have also improved in security, as our commitment to tackling safety risks remains strong.



We launched new education APIs on WAEC Registration and WAEC Result Checker. With examinations currently ongoing and results to be released in a few months, now is a great time to begin integrating the WAEC Result Checker API and adding it to your marketing campaigns.

And as our custom, these services are available on our test environment, as no real money is required so that you can keep it for when it matters.


In our efforts to make the Internet a safer place to send and receive payments, we have released a new security feature to prevent hackers from signing into your account after a series of failed attempts.

When we notice that a wrong password is provided upon signing into Redbiller, an email would be sent to you informing you of this activity.

During this time, your account will be partially locked to prevent the hacker from gaining entry even if he gets the password correctly the second time.

This email will contain a Sign In Code, which will be used to validate the sign-in request when the right password is provided.


Please note that for your safety, your account will be fully locked after three failed validation attempts and you'll be required to reset your password to regain access to your account. Have no fear every other thing will continue to work.


So, going forward, we strongly recommend that you change your password to something you've never used anywhere before, whether online or offline.

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