April 2020 Release
Product Releases
Apr 28th 2020

April 2020 Release

Esther O.
Esther O.


Yes, you. Thanks for being here. Here at Redbiller, it is all about making payments easy for you, and your business, contributing to your growth through our services.

These past few weeks, well last month, we updated our services and added new features accordingly to our platform. I am so excited to be telling you about them.

Have a drink in hand already? Ok, cool. So here's what went on at Redbiller for April 2020.

While we strengthened our partnerships with existing partners, we also formed new ones with Providus Bank and NIBSS to offer more payments services.



With our new USSD payment feature, your customers can now make offline payments to you, either from an iPhone 11 or a Nokia 3310. No Internet service required. Additionally, you can also create Providus-based virtual bank accounts. You now have the option of creating either Rubies or Providus virtual bank accounts.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Our BVN verification 2.0 and BVN Lookup services take the identity verification of your customer many steps further. With the high demand for identity verification tools, these features couldn't have come any later than now. Know your customer!

Payment Checkout (beta)

With the Redbiller Checkout, you can now accept payments in many ways seamlessly. We've given you the ability to modify the checkout to suit your taste, making you use it on multiple websites with each having its unique appearance.

A brand new website

This update has been on the cards ever since the beginning of the year. All hands were on deck not just to develop a much more standard website, but to fill it with the right and easy-to-understand contents. Check it out and let us know what you think.