Adding Value With Redbiller -Betting Wallet Funding
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Sep 19th 2022

Adding Value With Redbiller -Betting Wallet Funding


Sports betting is a big reward-based market everywhere it is legal. I say this because there are countries where any form of gambling is illegal and strictly frowned upon. However, it still goes on underground, which is usually a big market too. 

Sports betting offers people the chance to not only enjoy their favourite sport, but also get rewarded for their lucky predictions of the game's outcome. Imagine your team wins, and you still win a bet for them winning the match. Now that's a lot of celebration. And that’s the feeling that continues to drive people to it.

Since launching Sports betting in Nigeria by the indigenously owned NairaBet, the betting industry has grown to become a multi-billionaire industry. Bet9ja even further changed the face of the game when it launched in 2012 with its explosive betting agents strategy. Today this industry boasts of millions of customers who, of course, have continued to increase.

However, Sports betting has come a long way since then. And with innovation in payments and technology, betting companies jumped on the wagon of digital wallets, which customers can fund and use the money there to place bets at any time. This, of course, makes paying for bets easy and encourages people to bet even more. As long as you have the money in your wallet, what’s stopping you? 

What does this mean for you?

The business side for you is that you can make money off this payment shift. The advice is not to launch a Betting company. But if you do, we are here to help with payments. On a small scale, you can take advantage of the Redbiller betting wallet funding service. You can fund people's betting wallets for them at a charge. Simple and easy money for you just like that. 

Whether you are into Bills payment or just Airtime recharge, this is a Value-added service you should strongly consider. By offering something extra they might need, you create one more reason customers should choose your business. Plus, it is a good source of revenue. You already have the customers, so why not?

With Rediller, you can fund over 15 betting wallets, including Bet9ja, SportyBet, NairaBet, 1xBet, and Betway. And you earn in two ways -you get a discount on every transaction; you charge customers a funding fee. 

You can grow with Rebiller

Our goal here at Redbiller is to provide you with all the right tools and services to scale your business. It is why we have a broad range of services you can leverage to diversify your source of income and even offer your customers more value. You can be sure this is what motivated the availability of this service. 

The betting wallet funding is also available over the API. For further enquiries, kindly reach out to our support team at  [email protected]

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