4 Things Every Business Must Consider Before Getting a Loan
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Jan 30th 2024

4 Things Every Business Must Consider Before Getting a Loan

Esther O.
Esther O.

It is good when you can fund your business and keep it running with your money. But it is also not unusual to need a loan to start or run your business. Running a business often turns out to be more capital-intensive than you might have planned. You could also be well aware of the cost and not just be able to finance it alone. So, you need a loan.

The challenge of adequate capital is a challenge that all businesses face. Even the big corporations face it, and that is where investors come in. Needing a loan does not mean that the company is struggling. It is more about reaching for something big, taking a bold step to become more.

And it could also be because the business is struggling and needs something to keep it afloat. Whichever the case, getting a loan can be a smart move or a wrong move for your business. It all boils down to what you were able to achieve with it. Perhaps you are thinking of getting one soon. Here are things to consider before applying for a loan.

Interest Rate

Considering how much interest you would pay back is very important in choosing a provider or applying for the loan itself. While every provider will charge you interest, some interest rates are like getting punished for ever daring to borrow money. It can be hard to pay back when you cannot afford the interest.

Payment Plan

Consider how convenient the payment plan is for you to pay back. Is it monthly or weekly? Do you have to start paying back immediately or after a while? You have to keep in mind that if you should ever default on your payment, the interest increases. Is that something you can handle? If your business is seasonal, you might want to consider the flexibility of the amount to be paid at a time.

Cash Flow

Can the money flowing into your business accommodate loan repayment? And this is important to consider because it is not just about making profits. It is about having enough cash at hand to pay when payment is due. Can your business generate enough money to pay back monthly? If not, consider improving your cash flow or going for a loan your cash flow can accommodate.

Financial Commitments

Other responsibilities and financial commitments will not cease because you are paying back a loan. Can you still fulfil other financial commitments when you start paying back a loan?

You should also clear up your existing debts before you add another, finish up any project with unpredictable costs or do not take up these projects at all before taking a loan


Even after going through these things, the most crucial question remains, is it necessary? Your answer right now might be yes, but you'll need to take time to reconsider this and be sincere with yourself. Opting for a loan is not an ‘over a cup of tea’ decision. If you can do it without it, then you do not have to go for it. 

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