Own Biller Shops; sell airtime, data & more!

Redbiller offers individuals and businesses the platform to sell airtime, data, bill payment services, and more at discounted rates and still earn cashbacks on all transactions. We help you build your income!


You earn up to 40% cashback on transactions made with your wallet and 20% commission when your referrals activate their Shop.

Your customers can add multiple services to their cart and pay for them at once via multiple paymant methods. We deliver instantly!

Your customers don't need to sign up before placing their order: Shop, pay, and off they go. The rest is history!


Airtime & Data

Auto network detection. Available in over 760 networks worldwide.


All subscriptions available in Smile and Spectranet.


Available in Eko, Ibadan, Abuja, Jos, Port Harcourt and more.


All subscriptions available in DSTV, GOTV, and StarTimes.

We know you'll love it

Redbiller counters every limitation that you may be familiar with, and we know you'll love it. Here's why:

1. Track the status of every order placed even right from your email and Query the item(s) that weren't delivered.

2. Commissions are instantly settled to your wallet upon every successful transaction.

3. Request for withdrawals and get your bank account credited within a few seconds.

Get Started. It's Free!

More on "why you'll love it"

Shopping cart

This feature allows you to add all items you wish to purchase to a cart and make payment for all at once. Your order will be automatically processed and delivered to you.

Discounts & commission

We give discounts on all items you buy no matter how little. The more items you buy, the more discount you get.

Multiple payment methods

Securely make payments either with your wallet or ATM card, bank transfer, QR Code, USSD and more, which are processed and secured by Flutterwave .

Order tracking

Track your order using the Transaction Reference Number sent to your email. You also get to Query failed transactions and get it delivered to you.

Advanced filtering

Filter your sales using the Category of service bought (e.g Television), Channel payment was made (e.g Card) , and/or the Timeline the order was placed (date range).


This rarely happens, but if your order isn't delivered, you can simply cancel it and have your money refunded to you instantly.


What you'll find inside

A whole lot of awesome features to keep you relevant in the market.
Business is all about relevance!

Bank transfers

Send money to any Nigerian bank account right from your wallet.

Biller Links

Securely accept money for different purposes around the world.

Bill payments

Utilities, collections and more. It's never been easier!

Flight booking

Book your flight with the snap of your fingers. The rest is history!

Hotel Booking Soon

Seach and book hotels based on your preferences.

International transfers Soon

Conveniently send money to anyone anywhere in the world.

Configure your Biller Link to get the best results

Accept payments via Biller Links



We all at one time or the other need the financial support of family, friends and even strangers in order to achieve a certain goal. Since donations are often based on the donor's perception, the following will help you achieve this.

  • People can enter the amount they wish to pay
  • How much are you looking for? Disable your Biller Link when you meet the milestone
  • Briefly describe why you seek their generous financial support

Group contributions

Perhaps you would like your friends to make their financial contributions to an upcoming beach party you're organizing. You can set how much you would like each of them to pay or you give them the power to contribute what they have. The following will get you started.

  • Use custom URL that depicts what exactly they're contributing for
  • Need 50 people? Set the number of successful transactions (payments) after which your Biller Link should disabled
  • Briefly pass out an important information regarding the event


A customer bought a coulple of items from you and wants to make payment. Create a custom Biller Link for them, carrying their names, email address, and perhaps phone number. Here's how to achieve this:

  • Lock the Biller Link for a single customer and enter his personal details
  • Use custom URL that depicts what exactly they're paying for (optional)
  • Briefly remind the customer what they're paying for


Want people to pay for a serminar you're organizing as well as get their name, phone number, and email address? It's simple! Just follow the steps below:

  • Use custom URL that depicts what exactly they're paying for
  • Disable your Biller Link when you've gotten the desired number of applicants or due date has been reached
  • Briefly explain why they should pay and attend your seminar
1.4% + NGN100


  • 1.4% + NGN 50 for transactions
    less than NGN 1,500


NGN2,200 capped
  • Capped at NGN 2,200 for transactions above NGN 150,000
Flexibility at its peak

Select who pays the service charge. Awesome, right?

You don't neccessarily have to pay the service charge; you can push it to your customers or share it with them equally.

Get Started

Enable bank transfers on your Shop

You earn commission on every successful transaction.


Paul Adebayo

Bill payment dealer

Now, I can start my money transfer business because a lot of people can't afford going to queue at the bank.

Queue transfers

Transfer money with just the beneficiary's phone number

Gone are the days when you would need to request for the bank account details of people before making a transfer to them. Now, all you need is their phone number! Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Enter the name and phone number of the beneficiary, and enter how much you would want to transfer
  • Pass a message across via a brief note (optional)
  • Indicate if you would want Redbiller to automatically execute the transfer once the beneficiary has accepted your invitation
  • Indicate again if you would like Redbiller to deduct the service charge from the amount you're transfering and... done!

Buy airtime, data, utilities and more from our official Shop

Coming soon

Get paid when people advertise on your Shop

Even when you've closed business for the day, you should still be making money. The following requirements will help you achieve this:

  • Your account must be at least 1 month old
  • Have a minimum of NGN 1,000 in your wallet
  • Have an average monthly sale of 7.0

Kunle Ibrahim

Digital Marketer

I can only imagine what it would be like earning from advertisers. It's too good to be true. I really cannot wait!

We help you make money even while you're asleep

Your customers can buy from you simply by visiting your Shop from any device, and you'll get paid by the speed of light!


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Seeing, they say is believing.
Well, now you have seen!

We make money only when you do. So you can be certain we will continue to release awesome features with the sole aim that you make so much money.