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Biller Shops

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Biller Links

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  • What is a Biller Link?

    A Biller Link is a unique link where people can securely make payments to you.

  • How can I get the best of my Biller Link?

    Depending on what you hope to achive, you can configure your Biller Link to get the best of results. For example, if you wish to accept contributions from people for an event until a defined date, you can enter the amount you want them to pay, set a custom URL, set a due date you wish your Biller Link to be automatically disabled, briefly describe the purpose for the event, and perhaps set a redirect URL (webpage) you'll like them redirected to after payment.

  • I received payments through my Biller Link, but it's pending. Why?

    As a regulation from CBN, referred to as Buyer/Consumer Protection Policy, all payments made online must take at least 24 hours before giving value, that is, before crediting you. Therefore, all payments received via the Biller Link will take 24 hours before it is finally moved to your wallet.

  • Who pays the service charge?

    You can pay the service charge yourself, push it to your customers, or share it with them equally.

  • What does it mean to lock a Biller Link to a single customer?

    It means the Biller Link is meant and intended for one individual to make either one-time or repeated payments. Therefore, you'll be required to to enter the first name, surname, phone number, and email (optional) of the individual. You can then notify Redbiller to send the Biller Link to the individual via SMS (you'll be charged) or email (free) on your behalf.

  • What is the maximum amount I can receive via my Biller Link?

    Unverified businesses can accept up to NGN 300,000. To offset this constraint, you would need to verify your business by uploading a clear scanned copy of your CAC document.

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