The Role of PSP in Building A Sales Relationship
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Mar 30th 2021

The Role of PSP in Building A Sales Relationship

Esther O.
Esther O.

Sales is more than value exchange between you and your client. It is a relationship that starts right from the point of contact. And this relationship has to continue to ensure future trade. Regardless of who makes contact first, the responsibility of building the relationship to guarantee continuous value exchange lies heavily on the business/service provider.


Because you are not their only option. Except, of course, you are the only one in your industry or you invented that product. But how long before competitors catch up? 

As with every relationship, a sales relationship requires time and work. You have to show your clients that you connect with them and help them do the same. The decision of loyalty to your brand relies on this relationship. 

However, this is not to say you should sugarcoat substandard products and services with sales relationships. It is about increasing sales prospects and achieving customer loyalty for your standard product and services by building a sales relationship. Emphasis on standard products and services.

The totality of marketing is not advertising as is wrongly conceived, although advertising is a significant part of it. Often, businesses focus so much on getting the word about their products and services out. People see it, they know about it, they even begin to understand its use. But, this may not result in sales. It happens when people cannot connect with the product or the business. In their mind, the advertisement becomes noise. And their mind can subconsciously blacklist this product as a result of that. 

Let's use Coca-Cola as a case study. Their adverts don’t talk about the components of their drink or its nutritional value. Instead, they make it about moments in our life when a bottle of Coke is a good idea. These are moments that are true of our everyday life, moments we can connect to. And so we become endeared to their drink. 

Even when people get comfortable with your business, and you have done everything to see to this, coupled with the great products and services. When it comes to payment, they might start having second thoughts. Customers can abandon their cart at the point of payment. If the process is too demanding, they will lose interest. Yes, despite the great product.

Building a relationship is in stages. And when there is a breakdown at any stage, all past efforts are truncated. Particularly at the payment sage. Here are four simple areas a PSP bridges the payment gap and enhances your sales relationship with your customer.

Seamless Payment

Customers can pay you directly from your website with a simple checkout. It communicates professionalism and class. Imagine they have to call to ask for payment details, which are then dictated to them over the phone, or they have to wait for a mail to get the details. Don’t even think about pasting the details on your website.

Redbiller offers multiple payment methods for your customer from a single checkout. They get to choose which payment option suits them, plus you get notified of transactions immediately. That way, you can confirm payments fast, and your customer is not worried about waiting for confirmation because your bank is yet to send you an alert. 

Global reach

Your international clients can pay you with ease in their currency, and you will receive the payment in your money. You can market your brand and expand your customer base globally, knowing that payment is not a problem. You can make the best impression with Redbiller.


Disburse funds to your customers, pay your staff, and settle your bills with ease. With Redbiller, accessing your money is not a problem. You can also make a cardless withdrawal from the ATM or a POS machine. The cardless withdrawal allows you to send someone to get cash for you at the ATM without worrying about compromising the security of your business account.


Even with the emergence of digital financial solutions, the fraud rate has remained at a sizeable figure. It is natural for you to want to protect your business from fraud, and it is reasonable to put measures in place to ensure that. However, the standards you put in place can drive a wedge into your relationship with your customer. The need to keep your business protected from fraud will never be enough justification for probing customers before doing business with them. Nobody will feel comfortable doing business with a party who is suspicious of them. The way to do it is to employ KYC services.

Redbiller offers 10 KYC tools with which you can verify your customers’ identities. You get to choose which suits your business. The verification is discreet, and there is nothing to upset your client. They might not even notice it.



Building a sales relationship never really ends. Client service remains of the essence after purchase. The goal is customer loyalty and generating more sales.

Think this is hard work? Remind yourself of the goal. You can take a survey on your site from time to time to access the effectiveness of measures put in place to assist customers upon contact with the business, during purchase and after purchase. Just keep working.

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