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Jan 29th 2021

Redbiller Payment Checkout

Esther O.
Esther O.

Customers love it when they have multiple payment methods to choose from, especially when they don't have to fill in a thousand and one details. They'll see you as reliable and ready for business. The payment checkout helps you accept payment from your customers in many ways from a simple Checkout.


Benefits of Redbiller Payment Checkout

Define your colours: we give you the ability to use colours that blend with your website, giving your customers an affirmation that they're making payments to you.

Enable your preferred payment methods: everyone has a choice, and so do you. Understand what payment method(s) your customers use often and give it to them on a platter of gold.

Use on multiple websites: you can use the same Checkout on different websites with different colours and payment methods. Your customers will hardly spot the difference.

Easy Integration: we do the hard stuff and make them simple! Integrating the Redbiller checkout will take less than 3 minutes. Yes! You heard that correctly. What should ordinarily take you weeks or months integrating, would only take you minutes.

Also, We Updated Our Website

So the team decided to update our website with reasons why you should refer a business within your circle to use Redbiller. You can tell them that "Small and large businesses use Redbiller platforms and APIs to handle their everyday payments, bills, and customer identity verification".

You can encourage them to take a quiz at 


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