Getting Started On Your Goals
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Jan 30th 2024

Getting Started On Your Goals


Many people start the year being highly motivated, and with all that excitement, they pen down their goals or resolutions for the year. By the end of the first week, when the excitement begins to wear off, they find themselves restarting their year afresh, which is usually because they have done something they said they would stop. After about two more weeks of struggling to get started on the goals, they give up and just go about their regular life. 

We are all "many people" 

I am many people; you are many people. We have all been at that stage of struggling to get started on our goals for the year. 

Another thing I have observed is that we are not sure when exactly to start. First, we want to rest before kicking off for the year, then we want to wrap up a few things from last year, and then we realise January has 90 days, and we still have a lot of time. And just like that, it's March, and you haven't started anything. Today, I have decided to share a few tips for getting started on your goals for the year.

  1. Set deadlines 
  2. Have a monthly challenge
  3. Define your "Why"
  4. Break down your goals into actionable plans
  5. Have a dedicated day of the week to go over your progress and get at least one task done
  6. Put it in plain sight -write it out, paste it on a wall or leave it on your desk. Just make sure it's where your eyes can always meet it.

If you have not started on your goals for the year, trust me, you are not alone on this table. However, do not remain comfortable on that table. Achieving your goals creates a healthy sense of satisfaction and confidence necessary for improved productivity. You owe yourself the best version of yourself. Get started today!

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