Creating a Solution -the entrepreneur's daily task
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Feb 18th 2022

Creating a Solution -the entrepreneur's daily task

Esther O.
Esther O.

I think it is time we added problems to the list of constant things in life. Because honestly, there is always a problem. I know the African in you is probably about to reject it in God’s name, but just pause for a minute and look at the world around you. Does it look like a world without problems?


However, the good thing about problems is that there is always a demand for solution providers. There is always something new to solve and at least one thing you have to keep solving as problems will continue to arise from human activities and their efforts to solve their problems.


This means that as we try to solve one, we create a new problem in the process. And that is why creating a solution is not something you rush through and push into the market. You could just end up creating a bigger problem.


While everyone makes a reasonable contribution to the numerous problems around, not everyone can create a solution or be part of the solution process. But people are always willing to pay for a solution, and for you as a business, that is the angle you should come from.


Your customers will pay you for products and services that will reduce or eliminate a problem in their life. Moving from one place to another entirely on foot is a problem, the time, the distance, the stress. Car manufacturers produce cars to solve this problem. We pay them for their solution. Airline companies also solve this problem, and we pay them for their solution.

Every sales relationship is built on the foundation of the availability of a solution. If you can provide a solution to their problem, you have fulfilled the most basic requirement of a sales relationship. And that is why your business must be built on the principles of creating a solution. I am not saying you should not desire to make money. It is that providing a solution is a sure way to make money.


As a business owner, you must continue to ask yourself, what solution am I creating today? What solution is my business providing at the moment?


The answer is not your products and services. It is what your products and services do for your customers. And that is how you evaluate the relevance of your business and what to improve on.

At Redbiller, our answer to the above question is that we are making the internet a safer place for businesses of all sizes to innovate and expand. And in doing that, we are creating a safe space for people to transact online without fear.


The next time you sit at your desk to think of a solution, here are five quick steps to follow.


Study your environment again: I know you have done it before but some things have changed since the last time. Also, taking a fresh look helps you see something you might be missing. Remember, there is always a new problem to solve.


Identify the problems: the problems I mean here are things that have not been solved, that could be solved in a better way, or that doesn't have enough people providing a solution to it.


Pick one: I understand you are passionate about changing the world, but you can only give your best when you do only as much as you can handle at a time. Pick a problem, start with that, and you can expand with time and as your resources increases.

Assemble a team: no one is an island of knowledge, and even if you are, you need water around to be an island. A team could be partners, service providers, or skilled workers with whom you need to work.


Get to work: brainstorm, research, design, test-run, redesign, test again, strategise, get funding, procure - just do whatever you need to do to have a solution ready and available for use.


It doesn't always have to be problems from the environment. As time goes on, you will see problems to solve from your products, services or other places you can expand to. Just make sure that you never stop looking for a problem to solve and create sustainable solutions. Now that is how to become successful and stay relevant.

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